Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Review from Sensual Reads!

Maureen Davis was turning 39. She thought her husband forgot about her birthday again. It wouldn’t have been the first time. Earlier in the day she was asked to go for a drink with a co-worker but declined. Maureen was at the point to where she dreaded coming home everyday. But she went home as usual to nothing exciting she thought.

Daniel wanted to surprise Maureen on her birthday. Maureen always complained that he was working and not spending enough time with her or their kids. What better way to surprise her but with a night of passion.

Daniel had a surprise of a lifetime waiting for Maureen when she got home. He had planned a romantic evening for two. He had her a birthday cake, candles, rose petals and so much more for her. He was so nervous getting the house ready for her. As soon as he put on the Red Apron, he knew there was no turning back. What kind of show did her put on for Maureen? Did they rekindle the passion that was missing from their marriage?

The Red Apron is so hot, sexy and stimulating. Jalene Burke has created a romantic and seductive story that had me dreaming that I was in Maureen’s place.

Crystal, Sensual Reads