Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Red Apron Excerpt

Oh, God. Maureen’s car just entered the garage and Daniel was nowhere near ready. He thought he’d have this under control, but now he wasn’t so sure.

He was going to be sick. The candles weren’t lit, the wine wasn’t ready, the cake topper wasn’t set, and the music. Oh damn, the music! He ran to turn it on. Had he put in the right CD? If not, there was no way he’d have time now. He pushed play and, thank God, the sexy saxophone he wanted filled the air.

Ok, deep breath. The candles lining the hallway were lit. That was enough. The cake and the bathroom could wait. The note was set in place. The wine was uncorked and all he had to do was pour.

He splashed wine on the table as he poured. Damn, red wine, too. He grabbed a towel to wipe it up, then threw the towel against the door to the laundry room.

Why had he convinced himself to do this? Surprises were not his forte, especially when it came to his wife. He could wow clients with the best of them, but that was a skill he’d accomplished years ago and it didn’t involved seduction.

But putting on a sexy show for his wife?

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