Thursday, December 14, 2006


S'mores is now available from!

Alyssa can't cook.

Alyssa can't have children.

Alyssa can't compare to the woman her mother-in-law thinks she should be.

Minor doesn't care.

Minor loves her anyway.

Will Minor make it to her in time?

Alyssa had special Christmas plans with her husband, Minor. They were to go away to a mountain cabin and be all alone. But when Alyssa's mother-in-law plans to visit for Christmas and Minor doesn't want to hurt her feelings be telling her they have other plans, Alyssa leaves without him. His mother has always been nasty to her, and after a big blow-out at Thanksgiving, Alyssa doesn't feel she can handle anymore, especially if Minor won't take up for her.

When Alyssa gets to the cabin, she realizes she may have made a mistake. She misses Minor, and now she'll have to use that present she got for him all by herself. But Minor has no intention of spending Christmas without his wife.

A private mountain cabin.

A fireplace.

A sexy man.

What could be a better Christmas present? Snuggle up with S'MORES!

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