Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ten Reasons to Read Me, My Next Door Neighbor, & Bob

  1. It’s less than a cup of coffee or a bag of chocolates, and you won’t gain weight.
  1. It’ll support an aspiring author.
  1. It’s a nice break from reality.
  1. You’re thinking of getting your own BOB.
  1. You’re in the mood for a quickie.
  1. “The love scenes are sexy and very hot." ~ Kerin, from Two Lips Reviews
  1. A “humorous and entertaining read.” ~ Shay, Sensual Reads
  1. “Complete and leaves the reader pleasantly satisfied.” ~ Elizabeth, Fallen Angel Reviews.
  1. “The description of what Bob does, and does not do is hilarious.” ~ Shayla, Romance Junkies.
  1. My husband says it’ll make a man lucky tonight, LOL.
Find it at Forbidden Publications!

1 comment:

Scarlett Sanderson said...

LOL I think you sold on the "Your in the mood for a quickie" ;)