Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Changing Seasons

I love the change in weather. It's been a hot and dry summer, the hottest I can remember having in a long time, but it's staring to cool down. The temperatures haven't been in the triple digits in the last few days, and I can see the trees move with the breeze. It's crisp in the mornings, just the way I like it, but you can still wear shorts.

I haven't mowed all summer, and last year we had to mow every two weeks just to keep the grass cut. It sucks, in a way, but then again I've had more time to write. The lake is lower than I ever remember it being, so much that bones of a human body in a rusted "drum" were found in the "lake" yesterday. Maybe God hadn't let it rain for a reason, because no telling how long this body has been there or would continue to be there. We've been bitching about the triple digits, but a family may have found their missing loved one. It's tragic no matter what, but I couldn't imagine the feeling of just "not knowing".

Of course, it's mostly bones now and they have to do forensics, etc. etc. to determine who it could be. Creepy, isn't it? And people wonder how I get my ideas. ;)

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